What a week of interesting contrasts! Weatherwise, it has been summer all over again. The mornings have started misty and moisty, the valley stuffed with candyfloss cloud.


Bright blue skies and unbroken sunshine have followed . . .


. . .  and then some truly stunning sunsets.


Of course, we have felt it our duty to get out and enjoy the lovely weather so we happily awarded ourselves a few breaks from house renovation, packed a picnic and sallied forth into the sunshine.

Our first walk was along the Ruta Hoces del Esva; we did a circular walk there with Sam and Adrienne last year but this time opted for a 5 mile / 8k out and back trek, following the path until it swung away from the beautiful  Esva river. It’s a fascinating walk and quite a good physical workout, too, starting high above the river, then dipping up and down the gorge several times. There are boardwalks in places, and a few rocky scrambles, as well as flatter paths at river level. We’d hoped to catch a glimpse of the otters that live there: no luck, but the dippers put on quite a show for us instead. It is such a truly beautiful place, so peaceful and tranquil (we didn’t see another soul), and we sat under the trees eating our picnic and listening to the birdsong and chatter of the river.




In contrast, admitting that we really had to face a supermarket this week, we did our favourite trick of turning the day into a coastal walk and picnic with a bit of shopping on the side. I’m beginning to think it’s always cloudy in Galicia, or maybe just the days we choose to visit? No matter, it was blissfully warm and it was a joy to eat lunch watching the waves crashing against the spectacular rock formations.

PICT0211 (2).JPG

I love that fresh ozone seaside smell, there is something so invigorating about it . . . and somehow the choice for dinner that night was an obvious one!


All change again, and this time a 8mile / 11.5k hike through Somiedo Natural Park. It was hard to believe that last time I walked there it was through snow! It is such a wild and stunningly beautiful place with incredible views in every direction – not surprising, really, considering we were at a height of 1750 metres.

PICT0232 (2).JPG


Roger knew just the place for our lunch stop, a rocky outcrop with unbelievable views of the valley below (the one we walked in snow, in fact). Sitting in the hot sunshine, tucking into homemade peach and blueberry streusel cake and drinking in the view and mountain air, it felt so good to be alive. We stayed for much longer than any lunch break ought to be!

PICT0261 (2).JPG

Warm, sun-drenched evenings have meant plenty of outdoor cooking over wood. What a great excuse to tuck into more of our sweetcorn; if you’ve never eaten it this way, I urge you to try – believe me, it is a world away from any that has been boiled in water or tipped out of a can.


It makes a delicious and substantial starter, so we’ve been following it with small main courses based on crisp salads from the garden. Florence fennel, pear, baby carrot and spinach dressed in olive oil and lemon juice then topped with fennel fronds, marigold petals and walnuts has tasted so fresh and seasonal; other versions have involved golden pak choi, green peppers and sweet young peas (remember those little self-set plants I rescued a few weeks ago?).

PICT0863 (2).JPG

We have harvested the last of the walnuts but that’s no problem;  the chestnut season has well and truly begun and everyone is out gathering.


We have been peeling them for the freezer and throwing them into trays of roast veg (scrummy!) but decided to have a go at something a bit different and made this  chestnut and mushroom pie . Oh my word, talk about autumn comfort food! It was utterly delicious and very filling, a thing of complete gorgeousness. There was ample for three meals so the rest has gone into the freezer for those days when the weather is more suggestive of the need to eat pie


Back to the renovation (it’s not all play here). Despite our wanderings, this week has marked quite a turning point in house renovation world. There are still a lot of fiddly finishing bits and pieces to be done (not to mention stairs, bathroom and an attic bedroom) but suddenly we appear to have a living space that is clean, bright and comfortable . . . and the sofa is back, hurray! I’m not sure how we will cope without the nailed-down brown lino and weeping damp walls but we’ll give it our best shot. Bit of a contrast in the before and after shots, don’t you think?





Finally, my new personal challenge. After 15 months of setting myself physical challenges  – Walk 500 Miles in five months, then the half marathon – I’ve decided to opt for a contrast this time and set a challenge based on writing. I’ve started a second blog in response to people asking us why and  – more to the point – how we are living as we do and what it takes to lead a simpler life. It will be a different approach to writing in some ways and I’m very excited about it. I’d be delighted for you to have a look, please feel free to visit and comment whenever you want.  This Simple Life  Of course, I will carry on with the same old nonsense on this blog, too! For the time being, however, the temperature has hit thirty-one degrees outside so it’s time to go and luxuriate in that lovely warmth. Hasta luego. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Contrasts

  1. What a truly spectacular view! And in sunshine (sigh) – have just battened down the hatches here in preparation for Storm Ophelia. Amazing-looking pie. Great to have the cosy kitchen ready in time for winter.


  2. Sadly, the sunshine has disappeared this morning under a blanket of smoky cloud from the huge forest fires now raging across the region, having been fanned by Ophelia. It was so weird earlier, still dark at 9am and no birdsong. Now we are groping about in a permanent twilight and everything – sky, garden, village, the lot – is a sickly shade of yellow. I want to do some gardening but I’m not sure I will be able to see anything! Hoping the storm doesn’t batter you too much, the news reports all look pretty horrendous. Definitely a day for baking and comfort food, I would say!


    • Apparently Stormont is already without power! I’ve already made soup, curry and now making a batch of apple sauce. We had the red sun caused by Ophelia this morning. Now the wind is picking up steadily. The smokiness sounds horrendous too. Might be better to stay in and not breathe in too much of that.


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