Summertime smile

Strictly speaking, I know that it is still spring in the northern hemisphere but we have certainly been enjoying what feels like summer here this week.


Wandering around the garden, there is colour and scent at every turn.

PICT0054 (2).JPG


Lavender grown from seed last year.



The whole patch is teeming with wildlife, it feels like we are completely immersed in nature. How magical to watch a deer and her fawn grazing in the meadow above the house as we ate our dinner outside; how incredible for Roger to pause on his morning run and watch an Iberian wolf lope across the field in front of him!

PICT0052 (2).JPG


The rate at which plants are growing is phenomenal.

PICT0002 (2).JPG

The ‘Costata Romenesco’ courgettes seem to think they are rhubarb . . . or maybe gunnera?

PICT0004 (2).JPG

Time to find the cucumbers something to climb up, I think.

PICT0006 (2).JPG

Dwarf beans just six days after planting.


Remember that muddy little root of comfrey I was given in January?


That’s all new growth on the storm-damaged lemon tree – what a comeback!

It’s so good to indulge in sweet summer flavours on our plate.

PICT0010 (3).JPG

Here come the beans!

PICT0011 (3).JPG

The garlic has been harvested and is now drying in the sun.


Good to see those courgette plants aren’t all leaf.



PICT0092 (2).JPG

Preparing dinner under the sunbrella: broad beans and peas to be lightly steamed, tossed in olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs and served cold as a delicious salad dish.

There is the promise of plenty more tasty delights to come.


‘Divaa’ potatoes


‘Bona’ beetroot


‘Sungold’ tomatoes

PICT0014 (3).JPG

PICT0028 (2).JPG


PICT0039 (2).JPG

No shortage of walnuts so we are pickling some this year.

We have made a start on Phase 2 of the house renovation . . .



. . . but there has still been time to squeeze in some decent walks.


Wandering through chestnut woods on a 7-mile / 11 km circular walk from home.


Starting to climb the mountain: the view back to our village through a break in the trees.


We passed this reservoir used exclusively for fighting forest fires. This is where the helicopters we have been watching come to fill their water ‘bombs.’

We have lived here for just over a year now and we love our new home as much as ever. It is such a gorgeous spot, so peaceful and beautiful. Perfect for living the outdoor life we enjoy so much . . . and summer has barely begun! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Summertime smile

  1. We need to swap weather again! We’ve been having a very windy time and lost half of our winter squash plants. The courgette really does look like gunnera. And garlic out already! I just cooked up some garlic scapes with chard yesterday.


  2. Oh, that’s rubbish – we lost half our squash to wind and hail a couple of years ago in Shropshire, it is so disappointing after you’ve nurtured the young plants. No such problems here so far this year, the ‘Guatemalan Blue’ ( a seed I had from Sarah in a swap) looks set to take over the entire garden. I’ve never grown it before, have you? Most of the garlic is fab, some just rotted in the ground though, which I suppose is the price we pay for the damp climate.


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