Coasting along

I enjoyed making the rainbow ripple baby blanket so much that even before it was finished, I was planning another and I had just the project in mind.


New blanket in waiting. Yippee!

Once our new roof has been done in June we will be able to finish decorating the sitting end of the kitchen, install the new stove and generally make a lovely cosy corner. It will mean finally being able to reinstate our old blue sofa. Now this is a very tatty thing, mouse-nibbled (literally) and worn but it is so squidgy and homely and downright comfy that there is no question of replacing it.


Our old blue sofa in a former life.

I’ve decided to make a blanket to use as a double-purpose throw: first, to jazz the old thing up a bit and second, to snuggle under on cold winter nights. Roger has pointed out that with all the insulation going into the roof and the new beast of a stove kicking out heat, there will be no such thing as a cold night in the house ever again. Well, just in case, then . . ? How can I resist the siren call of my wool basket?


Ooooooo, those colours!

I’ve mentioned the Attic 24 blog several times and I make no apology for that: I love it, it is so colourful and inspiring, and I think the idea of selling project packs through Wool Warehouse is brilliant. (Incidentally, I am not being paid to say this!)  It’s taken me a while to decide which one to go for because there are so many of Lucy’s designs that appeal to me. The Moorland blanket is beautiful, reminding me of the heather-clad hills of South Shropshire.


Mitchell’s Fold stone circle

The Cottage blanket is so pretty, inspired by my favourite garden flowers.


Our Shropshire garden in 2015

My roots might be in Shropshire, but on reflection what I really wanted was something that sings of Asturias and the happy, happy life we now lead in this beautiful part of northern Spain: the Coast blanket was the obvious candidate for the job. Attic24 Coast Blanket


I know I’ve said it before but our proximity to the coast never fails to surprise me: it is five miles (eight kilometres) as the crow flies but there is no hint of it up here in the airy green mountains. Only when we venture out does that beautiful shimmering sea appear.


Now I am not a great fan of the beach in terms of heading there on a scorching day with crowds of other people to lie about in a bikini. This is partly because I’m fair-skinned and don’t tan too well, but mostly because I find it a very dull pastime. Like Jemima Puddle-Duck, I am a notoriously bad sitter: no sooner have I put suncream on than I’m fidgeting about, looking for something to do (and trust me, Roger is even worse). In complete contrast, I have loved every minute of the time we have spent on quiet or deserted beaches here, whether walking, running, having a picnic, studying the geology and wildlife, exploring caves, poking about in rock pools or simply just breathing in the air and enjoying the moment.







I love the fact that this is such a wild and rugged coastline, dramatic and untamed, so Celtic in character. The sea is energetic, moody, unpredictable and intense; the rocks present a majestic and awe-inspiring architecture. Always there is a sense of movement and change, of shifts in light and time, of colours, textures, smells and sounds that leave my senses tingling.






Every shade, every ripple, every texture of my beautiful blanket-to-be is here.



This project is already giving me so much pleasure. It is my sea blanket – mi manta del mar – and I LOVE it! 🙂


PS Shortly after my little photo shoot, our camera broke and has refused to take any more pictures so that’s my blogging curtailed for a while. 😦  😦  😦  Luckily, a crochet hook lacks the same sophisticated technology so I’ve  continued to hook away and my blanket now has 22 ripples of beach-inspired beauty. More up to date photos to follow . . . soon . . . I hope!


4 thoughts on “Coasting along

  1. I’ve only just realised how much I use it, I feel so lost without it. I’ve been very happy in woolly world over the last few days making a bower bird and I’m so frustrated that I can’t take photos as it’s been great fun and has turned out much better than expected. Maybe I’ll just have to make another once the camera situation has been sorted! That’ll be tough, then! 🙂


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