Weekend wanderers

What a lovely long weekend we’ve had with Sam and Adrienne here to stay. As always, the weather gods caught wind of their arrival and they flew in during some rather spectacular thunderstorms. Luckily, things picked up after that and we’ve been splendidly busy in a relaxed sort of way. Easy to sum up in a few simple words, I think.
















Our new stove is lifted off the trailer . . .


. . . just the small matter of those 14 steps up into the kitchen next. The chaps certainly earned their beers that day!



Adrienne experimenting with dyeing wool.


The finished skein will make a lovely project.



Plenty of good food (and drink). Cheers! 🙂




4 thoughts on “Weekend wanderers

  1. It’s all looking a bit like paradise. It’s been ages since I updated my blog and for some reason I’m not getting alerts from Spain or Finland for that matter. Just looked at Anjafinne and she’s under snow! Weather here in France is crazy – 10 one day 25 the next. Liking the blankets the colours are amazing a great project for dark winter nights. We’re going polytunnel mad here (three and thinking of a forth)…moving on to raised beds in the veggie plot which I’m hoping will mean less work in the long run but definitely not in the short run! Just added four new hens…gosh we are so lucky with our lifestyles 😉


  2. Yep, we certainly are very lucky . .. beats marking school books, that’s for sure! We are getting ourselves sorted here quietly, still finding the slope of the land ‘interesting’ but the climate is incredible so there’s no excuse for no veg! A polytunnel is definitely on our list for autumn but we’ll stick at one (we only have enough flat land for one 3m x 4m). I love your hens, they are are beautifully marked. By the way, there’s a huge poster outside Asturias airport which says, ‘Come back to paradise.’ – I think they’ve got that one bang on! 🙂


  3. You seem to be having a lot more fun in Spain than in France! Glad you take the time to explore your beautiful surroundings. It’s always a good excuse, having visitors, to take a bit of time off from the hard slogging in the garden. The rain’s back on here in a big way, which means I’ll get a day off from weeding etc. First beetroot of the year for lunch! Another polytunnel success.


  4. Yes, we certainly are . . . this is just the most incredible and beautiful place and the Asturians are lovely people. We have many plans for future explorations although I suspect a return to house renovation will curtail those shortly! Congratulations on your first beetroot, that is very impressive. Polytunnels are fantastic things, aren’t they? Hope you don’t miss the weeding too much today! 🙂


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