On the edge

I think the edging of a blanket is a bit like buttons on a garment: the right choice can make or break the finished effect. I played around with several ideas for the ripple blanket before deciding this definitely was the time to apply the KISS principle: simple was best. After all, the ripples are so full of colour, texture and movement that all they really needed was a frame rather than any kind of clever embellishment. I opted for turquoise yarn as it’s bright and cheery and seemed to marry well with all the other colours in my rainbows. I then worked three rounds, one of double crochet and two of single, keeping the ripple shape at top and bottom rather than straightening it out.






Finished – and I’m delighted with it!

Free of the distraction of rippling, I turned my attention back to my patchwork flower blanket and finally finished joining all those squares together. Strictly speaking, they are supposed to lie completely flat but I pulled the slipstitches up a bit to create a slight puffed effect which I think just makes the blanket feel softer and cosier for Baby to lie on. I knew this would make the edge frilled rather than flat, but I don’t think that matters too much – I’m not trying to win any prizes.


When it came down to the rows of treble cluster ‘grannying’ around the outside, there really was only one colour scheme in mind. Look familiar?


I know I’m in danger of repeating myself but this yarn has sung out rainbows to me ever since it arrived. I haven’t used quite as many colours as in the ripple blanket as I didn’t think it needed an extra ten rows, but I did slip the turquoise in as it’s so bright and breezy. For the edging, I went back to Attic 24 and used Lucy’s pretty scallop  pattern Granny Blanket Edging: this was a lovely edging to work and I think it’s finished the blanket off a treat.



So there they both are, all done and dusted – and what a lovely time of colourful gorgeousness I’ve had making them. Moses basket, pram, buggy, carseat, floor, lawn, beach . . . lots of important Baby snuggery ahead for these blankets, I hope!


So what next? Well, the sun brolly has gone up so summer must have officially arrived and there is my basket of woolly loveliness waiting patiently in the shade for some attention.


Time for a refreshing mug of tea . . . and a few minutes with my brand new rippling project (of which more next time). There’s no two ways about it  – I’m addicted! 🙂



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