Granny Flower Garden Blanket

I think I’m addicted to making Granny flower squares. They are so quick and easy and colourful, I can just pick them up and put them down in odd moments. After a busy day in the garden, it’s lovely just to spend a few minutes in the sun with my wool basket, crocheting away. It’s very absorbing and therapeutic and relaxing. Yarn, birdsong, flowers . . . I feel completely Zenned out.


One of the things I have come to realise in my happy little blanket world, though, is that I can’t get too precious about colour combinations. Faced with such an array of beautiful colours, my natural reaction is to start arranging them in a way that is pleasing to my eye.


When it comes to choosing three colours for each square, there are so many possibilities.

A palette of soft hues in similar colours.



Hot colours.



Cool colours.



Complementary colours.



Primary colours.


Secondary colours.


These are all lovely and certainly have a place in my blanket but . . . my initial idea was that this was going to be a completely random project and I don’t want any particular themes or schemes trying to dominate. It’s important to me that this blanket reflects my own favourite kind of flower garden, one I can only describe as ‘chaotic cottage’: a crazy mix of rainbow flowers climbing, trailing, intermingling and jostling for elbow room, happily self-setting and spreading themselves all over the garden in a riot of colour. Formal bedding schemes in rigid formation really don’t do it for me; colour themed borders might be clever designs and are fine in the right place, but they’re not my thing. No, sweet Baby – it’s time for a carnival! So . . . I have to be brave and combine colours in my squares which theoretically just don’t work for me.


Although at first glance they might not look too pretty, once mixed with the other squares they do a great job of shouting about colour and that’s exactly the effect I’m after. I’m having great fun lining them up in different combinations to see how they look – and at this point, it’s clear that ‘random’ isn’t quite as easy at it sounds! The final piecing is going to be interesting and the choice of edging colour(s) will be important. Ah well, plenty of time to worry about that. In the meantime, I’ll get back to my flowers!



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