Mermelada de melocotón

Miles walked: 43.8 Miles to go: 456.2

For many years, late summer and early autumn have found us making jam. Plums, apples, blackberries, damsons . . . it’s so good to have a surplus of tasty seasonal fruit and we can’t bear to see food go to waste. In more recent times, since our offspring flew the nest, it’s been more a force of habit than anything else because the truth is, we aren’t really big jam eaters: when it comes to breakfast toast, Roger prefers homemade marmalade and I love local honey. However, something has to be done with these peaches.


These are far too good to waste.

To us they are such a luxury food that the idea of any going to waste is unthinkable. Plus, with the temperature soaring outside today, indoor jobs in the cool of the house were definitely looking attractive. So . . . time to dig out the jam kettle.


Simple ingredients, simple preparation.

This, I have to say, was the quickest and easiest jam on earth to make. We peeled, stoned and chopped peaches until we had a kilo of flesh; cooked it in its own juice with the zest and juice of a large lemon (given by a neighbour) for 20 minutes; added 800g of sugar and boiled until setting point was reached. All done and dusted in well under an hour.


Mmm . . . the whole house smells of cooking peaches!

The verdict? Delicious . . . perhaps the marmalade and honey might be taking a back seat for a while. 🙂


Sunshine in a jar.



9 thoughts on “Mermelada de melocotón

  1. We weren’t even hunting chanterelles today but looking for earthstars to take photos of them for the little girls – and suddenly the whole trail was yellow as far as we could see…


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