One year on . . .

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words”.    Plautus

In two days’ time, we will be celebrating a (rather large) wedding anniversary. Time to crack open a bottle of bubbly and cook a couple of local steaks over a wood fire by the stream, served with melting new potatoes and a leafy, herby salad from the garden. Perfect!


Another anniversary is looming, though: it is almost a year since we moved here and were greeted by something closer to a jungle than a garden. Twelve months (and a lot of hard work, frustration and laughter) later, a garden is slowly evolving from the chaos. At LONG last we are fully self-sufficient in vegetables and soft fruit again; there are promising rows of leeks and brassicas to see us through the winter; the garden is a riot of colour, the flowers are a-buzz with pollinators and everywhere we look there are young birds testing their wings and voices. There’s still much to do, plenty of projects in the pipeline for the next year and no doubt new ideas will pop up as we go along. It’s not a problem, we’re in no hurry and I don’t think a garden is ever really ‘finished’ – where would be the fun in that? No more words now . . . I’ll let the photos do the talking.


 Cheers, everyone! 🙂





5 thoughts on “One year on . . .

  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary! What a lot of hard work and how great everything looks already! I knew you’d be self-sufficient in veg within the year. And you’ve had the good sense to take before shots from all angles, which I didn’t do (because who wants to look at photos of all this mess, right?) and now regret. Looks like you got some of this fabled heat we’ve been hearing about. New potatoes already and mine haven’t even flowered yet.


    • Thank you! I think we look at it all and just see the work still to come – it’s quite good to look back at what we came to and reflect on the change occasionally. We’ve spent the last 30 years (how many?????) taking on tumbledown houses with jungly gardens so the camera angle thing is second nature! Mmm, can’t say the warmth lasted too long here – back to wet, windy and gloomy (our neighbours have lit their fire . . .). Think how much you’ll enjoy those tatties! 🙂


  2. Yes, we’re the same, just looking at what’s still to be done. It’s nice to have annual visitors who can see the enormous progress and remind us of our achievements. But I do regularly look at things and think, At least we won’t have to do that again next winter. Had our first tomato yesterday, a very tasty Tigerella, but everything outside is weeks behind. Let’s hope for a long warm autumn.


  3. A real transformation in so little time I’m well impressed. Hope your weather has improved wish I could arrange to swap part of a long hot summer with a bit of refreshing rain. The year I buy polytunnels and it’s about the hottest on record mind the chillies are loving it even if the roots are sulking. Must try that morning glory looks good on that framework – resuming you grew that from seed?


    • Yes, I grew the morning glory from seed (French seed, actually). Started them in the polytunnel in May and they haven’t looked back – although one lot has got very involved with a hanging basket and is heading up over the roof. Hope you’ve had some rain by now, the heat is lovely but it does make gardening tricky, doesn’t it? Mind you, could have done with a bit more here as we won’t get any aubergines this year and they were so prolific in France. At least you won’t be short of chillies, either! 🙂


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