Holiday over . . .

So, it’s back to work tomorrow 😦 I really can’t complain too much, the weather has been great over the holiday and we’ve practically lived in the garden. I’ve managed to get a few more jobs done in the last couple of days.

I’ve weeded the asparagus bed; I’m planning to put some basil plants in there as they are a good companion plant (but that will depend on whether or not my basil germinates and grows…).


I’ve put the first sweet peas in a big pot to give us some colour and scent near the house; the rest will go in the garden.


To say my courgettes, squash and anchocha were getting out of hand in the propagator was an understatement. I’ve potted them on and now have the nightmare of deciding where to plant them all next month: to date – five ‘Latino’ courgettes, four anchocha ‘Fat Baby’ and thirteen squash (that’s without counting several butternut types already hardening off in the sunroom). Thirteen??????


We decided to move the compost bin yesterday, it’s one that was left here when we moved in and has been a bit of a temporary measure while we get the garden sorted out and plan some permanent wooden bays somewhere. It was a good opportunity to turn it completely and fascinating to see all those layers: the stuff at the bottom was wonderful.


Today has been incredibly windy, quite a test for the polytunnel which I’m pleased to say has held up well. It has certainly been the warmest spot so (too impatient to wait for some staging)  I had a good seed-planting session on the floor in there: trays of basil, lemon basil, radicchio ‘Palla Rossa’, artichoke ‘Green Globe’ and asparagus ‘Connover’s Colossal’ on the veg front, and cone flower, greater knapweed and ragged robin for the flower/wild garden. I also planted eight each of climbing beans borlotti ‘Lingua di Fuoco’, ‘Cosse Violette’ and ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears.’ These are an insurance policy against cool weather and slugs, just in case the ones I sow direct next month don’t come to anything. I pricked out a row of winter purslane into the polytunnel ground, they are so delicate it’s hard to believe they’ll grow into anything pickable!


We saw our first swallow here yesterday and celebrated with the first rhubarb fool of the season. Yum!


One job I haven’t got round to this holiday is painting the summer house; I’ve been itching to do it for the last eight months but there is some progress: I’ve bought the paint.


Ah well, next weekend, maybe? 🙂



4 thoughts on “Holiday over . . .

  1. The asparagus looks great. I’m going to sow my first asparagus later this month. Any pointers? I was going to sow the seeds straight into a raised bed (the one with the least heavy soil that had carrots in last year) and then cover with a mini-tunnel. The first swallows turned up here last week, but they haven’t moved into their nest in our summerhouse eaves yet. No gardening weather today here.


    • I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing with the asparagus! I grew it from seed in France two springs ago (in pots – started in the tunnel), planted them in the ground for a season then lifted them last summer and brought them back! They don’t seem to have suffered and we might even get a taste this year. I would think a raised bed of light soil will be perfect.


      • Ah, good. Sounds like the stuff is a lot hardier than the books make it out to be. Another case of delayed gratification. Can’t wait for my artichokes this year, the first heads are already developing. I’m sure you’ll be able to cope with 13 squash plants, at two squashes per plant that’s only a squash every other week!


      • Mmmm, if only I could persuade Roger there’s nothing to worry about – we got a bit ‘squashed out’ the first year we were in France so I think he has nightmares about eating it with every meal for ever more! Enjoy those artichokes, there’s nothing quite like them, is there? We grew them really successfully in the tunnel in mid-Wales but they took up a fair bit of space so the new ones here are destined for outdoors and we’ll see what happens.


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