Holy squash, Batman!

I’m starting to feel slightly giddy at the speed with which the propagator plants are growing. When I wrote my last post 4 days ago, the ‘Crown Prince’ squash were barely breaking the compost surface; yesterday I had to pot them on and evict them from their heated nest as – I exaggerate not –  they were threatening to lift the roof off.


As for the courgette ‘Latino’, they are marching upwards like some out-of-control triffid. I can only hope for a mild April so they can go outdoors early otherwise we’re going to be hacking our way through a jungle just to reach the front door.


In the daytime warmth of the polytunnel and night-time snug of the utility room, the tomato plants are (a) green and (b) growing. This is a 200% improvement on the misery of last year but I still hardly dare believe they’re going to make it. Pleeeeease keep going, little things.


Ironically, if they do then I’ve got a bit of a space problem. Having considered the possibility of digging up more grass, I’ve gone for the easy (or do I mean lazy???) option: plant veg in the flower border. I extended this border in the autumn with plans to create a ‘hot’ flower garden at the bottom end for plants and herbs that love the heat. Ok, time for Plan B. Now it will be climbing beans, squashes, toms, cucs, courgettes, aubergines, peppers . . . just as colourful and twice as tasty as the not-to-be flowers and I’ve saved myself a lot of work. Perfect solution!


The pear blossom has come out in the last couple of days. This is a ‘nashi’ pear given to us by daughter Vicky, a variety we’ve never grown before. I think the fruits look more like apples than pears – fingers crossed we might get some this year. The last few days have brought the first swallows, too; not enough to make a summer (or spring, as the French say) but it’s great to have them back all the same. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Holy squash, Batman!

  1. Do you need to sit down if you are feeling giddy with good work the propagators has done for you,chuffed you have 200% increase than last year. I’d plant in the flower bed and if you need more space dig the grass up,all the space helps if you don’t plant in it the weeds will love it.


    • Yep, the way things are going here I think every spare inch of space will be planted so no room for weeds! Second lot of propagator plants ready to pot on today, it’s amazing what difference a bit of heat makes, isn’t it?


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