Bloomin’ daft

Heading off to the veg patch to dig parsnips, carrots and Jerusalem artichokes for a tray of roast roots, I was stopped in my tracks by this unusual sight. Now I know strange things happen in the garden from time to time but even I find a pear tree in full bloom at the beginning of November a little unexpected. It’s not just a couple of clusters either, the whole tree is really going for it. It dumped all its leaves during the drought here in August so perhaps it thinks it’s had winter and we’re back to spring again (if only!)?


Despite some wet and windy weather this week, there is still plenty of colour in the garden with many of the annuals I planted as companion plants or insect beacons still doing their bit. Oh yes, and in the final photo ā€“ something else that thinks it’s spring.


Meanwhile, time to get back to those yummy, starchy, comforting, ‘it’s very-definitely-autumn’ veg! šŸ™‚




6 thoughts on “Bloomin’ daft

  1. The pear tree surely looks lovely – but you might not get much of a harvest next year… Keep an eye on the borage; we had it self-seeding all over the place to the extent that we had to eradicate it totally from the garden.


    • Mmm, borage has been a bone of contention for our entire married life! I love it, Roger is not so keen, especially when it finds the veg patch…something tells me I shall be in trouble yet again come spring!


  2. Blinkin eck! Whereabouts are you located? Some Crocus (I think) have started poking out downstairs in the communal garden and I found that a bit disturbing! It’s hardly been mild or sunny up here in Stockport


    • Well, we’re in northern France so I suppose we do have a bit of an advantage over the great British climate. Even so, pear blossom and primroses in November…??? šŸ™‚


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